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Party On! Party Curling is released for iOS and Android


Sharkfish Studios is proud to announce the release of Party Curling, an intuitive multiplayer curling game.

Challenge your friends for a quick match in four different game modes
• Make easy takeouts in CLASSIC
• Enjoy full packed action in ICE RINK
• Aim for a perfect shot in TARGET
• Multiplayer mayhem at its peak in FRENZY

Compete against your friends in 2-4 player local multiplayer games.

Challenge your friends in the 60 seconds frenzy mode and maximize the fun with up to four player simultaneous action.

Perfect for casual gaming with friends. Party On!

Party Curling is available at 1.79€ / $1.99 / £1.49 in App Store for iOS and in Google Play for Android:

     Google Play

Buy once, play forever. Absolutely NO In-App-Purchases or hidden fees.


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Merry Christmas!

A Christmas present from Sharkfish Studios. Wordmare is FREE in App Store. Go grab your copy of the game and try out the new Christmas level as well.

Offer ends after Christmas.

Christmas update for Wordmare

A Christmas update for Wordmare has been released. The update contains a new free level with Christmas theme. Completing the level will give you 20 letters.

Christmas update available in App Store.

It is time for some Party Curling!

We are happy to present a sneak peak on what we have been working on lately. A multiplayer gameplay video of our next title, Party Curling, is available in youtube.

Party Curling will be released on iOS and Android summer/autumn 2013.

Wordmare Out Now

Sharkfish Studios, an independent game development company located in Tampere, Finland, is proud to announce the release of Wordmare, a word puzzle game for iOS. Wordmare is available worldwide for iPhone at €0.89/$0.99/69p and also an iPad optimized version of the game will be released shortly.

Tired of riding jetpacks or slinging things in your games? Try something different with Wordmare. Wordmare offers a fresh view on word games with a focus on solving word associations. Each level starts with a visible word and with a the help of hints it is up to the player to solve the associated words. Solving words will reveal more associations and the aim is to locate and solve goal words or to complete 75 percent of the whole level to unlock the next one.

Tens of hours of gameplay includes both smaller and larger levels with different themes. Some words have image or audio clues attached and if you get stuck, you can use power-ups to reveal letters for unsolved words. Complete larger levels with no time limits or challenge yourself in shorter time attack levels.

Wordmare is perfect for both casual gaming and longer play sessions, and even better when played together with friends.

Matti Anttonen, CEO of Sharkfish Studios, is excited about the release: "We have had such a great time designing and play testing the levels that I am sure the players will enjoy them as well. If you are looking for mind stimulating games, give Wordmare a try, I bet you'll get hooked."

Wordmare is available at App Store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/wordmare/id599305091

Screenshots available here: http://www.sharkfishstudios.com/games/wordmare/

Introducing Wordmare, The First Title From Sharkfish Studios


Sharkfish Studios, an independent game development company located in Tampere, Finland, is proud to premier the first screenshots of Wordmare, a word puzzle game under development for iOS set to release in April priced at €0.89/$0.99/69p.

In development since 2012, Wordmare is the debut title from Sharkfish Studios and takes an alternative approach to the popular word game genre by inviting players to think both inside and outside the box as they attempt to solve word association problems. Taking place against a backdrop where dreams and reality are intertwined, each level starts with a visible word with the aim to then guess which other words are associated with it. More of the level is gradually revealed as each correct word is discovered.

Commenting on their debut release, Matti Anttonen, CEO of Sharkfish Studios said, "We have been play testing Wordmare with a variety of players and the feedback has been very positive. As it is our first game we are really excited about releasing it and getting it in the hands of players around the world. We are just finishing polishing the iPhone version of the game and will start the iPad optimization straight after that."

Screenshots available here: http://www.sharkfishstudios.com/games/wordmare/

First game to be announced soon

images/3dstar.pngThe first game of Sharkfish Studios has been under development most of last year and is to be released in Spring 2013. Lately, the title has been under intensive testing with a small group of players and the results have been promising.
"After much polishing we are extremely happy with the product and so are our test users. Now all we have to do is to wrap it up and make a release.", comments Matti Anttonen, CEO of Sharkfish Studios.